United Kingdom; 21, May 2015: Dance is an activity which has captured the imagination of millions. Many people learn the art of dancing from a young age while some people start dancing from their teenage days. People have different tastes when it comes to their favourite form of dance. Micheal Litke is a London based coach and instructor who specializes in providing ballroom dancing lessons. He offers long term courses, short term courses, private training and workshops at different levels. Students attend these classes and dance sessions to learn something new every time with flexible practise timings. Apart from kids and teenagers, Litke also provides adult dance classes at Pineapple Dance Studios.

The Ballroom dancing London teacher conducts beginner classes which helps the students to learn the basics. It is primarily a 12 weeks course where students learn four main ballroom dance steps. It includes Tango, Waltz, Quickstep and Foxtrot while the other four Latin steps are Cha-cha, Samba, Jibe and Rumba. These classes are specially designed for new learners who’ll end up learning to dance by listening music at the course end. This twelve weeks course is divided into one hour for each session per day. There is no specific dress code and learners don’t need a partner to join the course.

Those who know the basics of ballroom dancing are welcome to join the intermediate course. Micheal teaches some new steps with the aim of broadening the knowledge of the basic steps among learners. The dance classes London instructor ensure partnering as many women as possible. Only smart and casual clothes are enough to enjoy the classes filled with fun and learning. At the end of the course, the students are able to follow their partner easily and also count the rhythm in those dances.

Experienced ballroom dancers who are familiar with this dance form can try the advanced course. This advanced level course teachers a new dance per hour along with technique and style. Ultimately, it provides a clear understanding of character and way of performing each dance step. To memorize the new steps better, there is a reminder of some previous lessons. Those with advanced training of the ballroom dance are welcome to try the proficient course. Each lessons lasts up to 60 minutes for the learners.

Micheal Litke also lets the couples explore their hidden chemistry with wedding dance lessons. These short terms courses teach a series of steps based on abilities of both partners. It will boost their confidence and prepare them to perform in their big day in front of family and friends. Through the routines, Micheal provides tips for technical corrections in a friendly environment. He has also judged several high profile dance competitions throughout his over a decade career.

About Micheal Litke:


Micheal Litke is a ballroom and Latin dance coach teaching this dance from since 2003 at Pineapple Dance Studios. He has worked on many television dance shows and provides coaching from beginner to professional levels. Visit the website for more information on the courses offered.