Mike Hickmon’s, “The Adventures of the Fartketeer — Freddy Saves the Day,” is a children’s book that is centered on a boy, Freddy McFartfart, who harnesses the power of “methane gas” or farts to fuel the jet-pack invented by his father. Freddy, the main character in the story then uses his fart-powered jetpack to fly around for fun, rescue cats and to help people that have gotten into trouble. While the humor is certainly the variety that is popular in elementary and middle schools, there is a lot more to the story than just the inevitable gassy-humor. The book is a very entertaining story about a family with an embarrassing problem - flatulence - that Freddy and his father turn into an asset.

Another interesting and entertaining aspect of the story has to do with the engineering schematics that explain how the fart-powered jetpack operates. “The Adventures of the Fartketeer” is a highly entertaining, unique children’s adventure tale that has a balance of adventure, humor, suspense, and creativity. And don’t forget the fart encyclopedia “Fartopedia” which is an index that attempts to define all of the different types of farts.

This book is highly recommended and is fast becoming one of the best childrens books to debut in 2013.

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The book can be purchased at Amazon.com link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00B10ZN28