Nakash family Land Trust has recently closed the Miami Twin Towers deal. That’s only one of the several projects by this Private Investment company.

Nakash Family Land Trust been reported , the assignee of this deal, on the project for the development of 425 units which are located in the hear of Downtown Miami. It is particularly in the center of the downtown. The project is Nicked named the” Miami Twin towers”. The location of the building is 54 w, Flagler street downtown Miami. Designed Kobi Karp Architect, a firm which well known in the country.

Reports indicate that by Early 2017 that the Nakash Family land trust will get there final approvals from the SEC and lunge there first online platform “Nakash Realty Shares” that requires zero management fees, and it pays you on the money, submitted by your own attorney trust account, which is held in the escrow.

“In other words, once you make up your mind about investing money with Nakash Realty Shares , you will deposit to a attorney from your choice and from your state your investment, and the money will be held in escrow until then”. Says Joel Goldman , one of the company Directors.

“Your money will be used only during the closing of the transaction. Once your attorney places your money in his escrow account, a monthly check of an average of 8% interest profit , would be placed on your investment per year and that too, without even moving the money out of your attorney’s account.”

“Your funds would be by your escrow agent, until the day before the closing date on the said property. After the property is closed, you’re going to earn over 15% per year on it .”

About Nakash Family Land Trust
The company works in the area of the development and investment of real estate. The company has dealt with many projects covering various hotels, residences, golf course, resorts, and many other. The projects are located all around the world.
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