New technology allows patients to preview how they will look with a variety of aesthetic procedures

Memphis, Tennessee- December 24, 2015
If you are one of the tens of thousands of people each year considering an aesthetic procedure or facial plastic surgery, The Langsdon Clinic has some good news for you. Recent advances in three dimensional (3D) photography, combined with revolutionary new software, allows patients to preview what they will look like when undergoing a Facelift, Rhinoplasty, Botox® injections, dermal fillers and skin rejuvenation.

With this new 3D simulation, patients will be able to eliminate the “what ifs”, anxiety, and uncertainty when undergoing a facial plastic surgery procedure and have the upmost confidence in the look of the result. Both the VECTRA® 3D camera and Sculptor software which make this possible were developed by canfield Imaging Systems, the world’s leading provider of medical photography systems. The process starts with consultation with Dr. Phillip Langsdon and VECTRA 3D session which the patient will view a three-dimensional photograph of expected results from the recommended procedure.

“This technology is what patients have been waiting for,” said Dr. Langsdon. “For the first time, they are able to see a 3D picture of themselves with their new look. Because it’s in 3D, I can rotate their picture to any viewpoint and they can examine the desired result. We can make changes and agree on the final look in advance, and this truly helps them make an informed decision.”

With the VECTRA® 3D simulation, patients can have a new lease on life at the beginning during their consultation. The system now allows patients to release unnecessary anxiety that previously would be expected without the ability to preview a patient’s specific results. Dr. Langsdon is proud and excited to be able to offer his patients this revolutionary system in order to make their dreams a reality.

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