A collection of pictures, maybe some treasure heirlooms and a tombstone is all that most people leave behind with they depart this reality.

Kyle Murphy aims to make a tribute to that person’s life and a look at who they were. His company, KM3 Media produces Memorial Videos , also known as Memory Videos.

“I am happy to offer a new service that allows us to give back to the community and touch the hearts of those who have lost someone close. A memory video is artfully crafted to tell the story of a life remembered and to serve as a keepsake that will be treasured for years to come,” he said.

Mr. Murphy’s service takes pictures of the person and blends them with a sound track to make a moving slide show of the person. Some funeral homes now offer a similar, but much more limited video, with a funeral service.

“We can include as many pictures as you like. Our regular videos are 50, 100 or 150 pictures, but there’s really no limit. You can add what you want,” he said.

The video comes standard with a direct download link. A CD, DVD, or flash drive is optional as is an upload to video hosting sites YouTube and Vimeo.

“We find the upload service is particularly important to a lot of people. They have memories they want to share with family in different parts of the world. Putting this video on the web is the best way to share those memories,” he said. “A memorial video from our company is something people who could not attend services in person will want to see.”

Every video has up to two revisions included. Mr. Murphy said he and his staff take care to make each memory video be the kinds of video they themselves would want to see.

“Designed with healing in mind, a memorial video is the perfect way to celebrate and honor the life of a special loved one. Our review process guarantees your full satisfaction. The result is a tribute to your loved one and a keepsake that will be treasured for years to come,” he said.

For more information visit http://www.km3media.com/video-production/memorial-legacy-and-memory-video-pictures-to-video-slideshow/

Kyle Murphy
KM3 Media
(916) 517-0029