Australiam 07, March 2016:Australia’s most respected painting specialist now offers 5-year workmanship warranties. That is because they’re so confident about the quality of the finishes they produce. They already provide services to both residential and commercial clients all over the country. It is hoped they will expand in 2016 and bring their excellent services to more people on this island. Located in the South East of Melbourne, they currently service properties all over Victoria.

Melbourne Painters Group

Safety and quality are the cornerstones of this company’s success. They only employ the best experts with all the experience required to produce incredible results. The team knows that a satisfied customer is their best form of advertisement. Indeed, that is why so many of their clients now come from word of mouth recommendations. Their trademarks are reliability, preparation, and an absolute regard for their customers.

It is hoped the 5-year workmanship warranties will highlight the top-class work undertaken by this brand. Where else would Australian residents find such an extended guarantee for decorating work? That’s an easy one to answer - they wouldn’t! Customers can expect to encounter a hassle-free process when dealing with this firm. They are encouraged to visit if they want to price a job. The website enables them to discuss their work and obtain a quote in minutes.

The most popular services offered by this brand today include:

* Residential painting
* Commercial painting
* Industrial protective coating
* Special coatings
* Floor coating
* Long-term asset protection

Visitors to the Melbourne Painters Group website will encounter a gallery that highlights their best work. It shows some fantastic examples of completed work in many places around the country. No job is too big, and no job is too small for this team of professionals. Regardless of their client’s requirements, they will strive to offer a superior service that’s safe and fast.

The company is also a Dulux Accredited Painter - and that’s excellent news for customers. It means they can get expert advice on the next Dulux products, and they will encounter high standards of customer service. All Dulux Accredited Painters are assessed by brand representatives for their level of workmanship. The only professionals to reach such a status are those who excel in every area. So, Melbourne Painters Group is a company all Australian people can trust with their decorating work.

Customer service staff are always at the other end of the phone waiting to assist new and existing clients. Call them today to discover how much time and stress could be saved by using expert contractors. Decorating a home or business doesn’t have to cause headaches, and these guys make sure their customers get it right every time.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Shannon Safanejad
Address: 16 Boston Court,
Narre Warren, 3805
Phone: 1300 662 344
Email Id: [email protected]