The United Kingdom, June 14, 2014: Technology has become an integral part of people’s life, especially of those living in the developed countries. Mobile devices such as smartphones and laptops have become things of daily use. The extensive usage has its side-effect too. Phones and computers often get damaged accidentally. However, they are expensive and buying a new piece is not always an option. Mefone offers the solution for all such damage and breakage cases. It is a professional repair service provider and encompasses Apple, BlackBerry, Google, HTC, Kindle, Nokia, Samsung and Sony devices. It also provides restoration and customisation services for all the supported devices.

Mobile phones and laptops are devices of daily use. Hence, they can get damaged due to fall, blow, water or other reasons. A readily available repair service can solve such issues for all. Mefone has a simple service procedure. People who need mobile repair can book service online and send the device to the service centre by courier or visit. They can also seek pick-up from Mefone. In the latter case, the company makes the arrangement for the pick-up of the device. Repairing of the device starts soon after it reaches the service centre. The repaired unit is shipped back to the sender with a warranty of 90 days.

Apple devices are highly prestigious. However, Mefone has expertise to provide even iPhone screen repair. Whether it is external physical damage or internal issues, the company has technical experts who understand mobile phone laptop hardware. However, users have to take care of some important things. Before any device is sent for repair, data backup is necessary lest it may be lost permanently. Similarly, users should book express service, if users are highly dependent on their devices. Pick-up and delivery are much quicker in case of express services. Mefone uses third-party courier services for shipment of products.

The most important aspect of Mefone service is the fee. The company does not charge a penny for service, if the device cannot be fixed. Even in cases where a fee is chargeable, the amount is reasonable and affordable. Apple and Samsung repair departments are biggest at Mefone. All tablets and phones by Samsung are included within the repair provision of the company. Similarly, all ranges of devices manufactured by Apple are repaired by Mefone. It provides iPhone, iPod and iPad repair including 5th generation iPods. In short, Mefone provides repair and allows users to continue using the same device instead of be compelled to purchase a new set.

About Mefone:


Mefone is a professional repair, restoration and customisation service provider for smartphones, tablets and laptops. It provides mending service for accessories too. The company has expert technicians for mobile devices manufactured by Apple, BlackBerry, Google, HTC, Kindle, Nokia, Samsung and Sony.