New Delhi, This January, Jonathan Goodwin will hang from the London Eye using only a burning rope. Part Houdini and part superman, Mr. Goodwin will even fight his way to the surface after being bitten by a venomous snake and then being buried underground. Certainly, impossible is merely a challenge for this new breed of escapologist and professional danger-man as he puts himself in the most extreme situations and dodges death every time.


Starting 6th January, watch THE INCREDIBLE MR. GOODWIN every Monday to Friday at 10PM, only on Discovery Channel.


Emulating his childhood heroes — the great American sideshow acts and comic book characters — Mr. Goodwin will perform baffling stunts around the UK and the US. Taking the viewer behind-the-scenes to share the emotions of his family and friends as they watch him tackle terrifying feats, THE INCREDIBLE MR. GOODWIN sets a prime example of out-of-this-world bravery, agility and physical strength. The series will also chart the extraordinary preparation and training Mr. Goodwin endures before his performances.


Share the tension and excitement as he attemptsspectacular feats of out-of-this-world bravery, agility andphysical strength.These include racing to unlock himself from a rocket-launchedcar before it drags him off a 200-foot cliff andfighting to the surface after being buried underground — after first being bitten by a venomous snake.He also free-climbs up a towering office block and attempts an incredible headline-making stunt hangingby a burning rope from the iconic London Eye!


Highlights from episodes:

-           Daredevil Jonathan Goodwin will climb up a London skyscraper;perform a hazardous crawl along the belly of a speeding truck with the prospect of being dragged off a 200-foot cliff. That is, if Jonathan fails to pick the padlock that locks him to a rocket-launched car!


-          In the Californian desert, Jonathan tackles a famous stunt which defeated Harry Houdini three times. Plus a hovering helicopter and circus trapeze provide the most lethal way to escape from a pair of handcuffs and a venom-laced visit to a south London ballroom ends with a slap in the face!


-          A Californian voluntary worker finds herself at the sharp end of his skills when he unwraps a set of throwing knives. Plus tourists in Derbyshire are in for a shock when Jonathan takes a heart-stopping ride on their local cable car.




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