Meet the New-age Agony Aunts!


This week meet the new age agony aunts as Neel and Yash start hosting an online teen agony aunt channel. Though the advice they dish out is totally over-the-top and impractical, they manage to get a huge online following. However, one interesting piece of information leads the duo to give a wrong piece of advice online to one of the girls from their class. Now it is up to them to rectify the mistake and the entire responsibility for this lies on Neel’s shoulders. What mistake did the two friends make? What efforts does Neel need to put in to repair the damage? More importantly, how trustworthy is the information that created this mess?


Meanwhile, encouraged by Neel and Yash’s success, Jai, Dheeraj and Aayush start their own online zombie advice show. What fate does the zombie show meet? How long can the trio continue with a show based on creatures that don’t exist?


To find out watch “Shake It Up” on Saturday, June 29, 2013

 at 10 amonly on Disney Channel