Mental disorders are seen in over 5 crore Indians and their treatment requires special care.Unfortunately in our country over 80% of districts lack even a single psychiatrist. Forced to live a life of destitution, the journey back home for the mentally ill is often a distant dream. Bridging this gap are well known psychiatrists Dr Bharat and Dr Smita Vatwani from Mumbai.
Hear how they successfully reunited patients with their families and what inspires them to support this unique cause, as Ekla Chalo Re brings to you the selfless  Dr. Bharat and Smitha Vatwani the angels helping the mentally ill destitutes in India. Tune into 'Ekla Chalo Re' to watch the inspiring story of Dr Bharat Vatwani and Smitha Vatwani on Saturday 31st Jan 8pm, watch repeat telecast on Sunday 12noon & 5pm exclusively on IBN-Lokmat.
Founded by the duo, Shraddha Rehabilitation Home at Karjat, Dr Bharat and Smitha Vatwani work towards restoring their mental health and then reuniting homeless mentally ill people with their families across the country. Shraddha Rehabilitaion Home was founded in 1988 for road side destitute schizophrenia patients and started from a two room tenement that could house only 2-3 mentally ill roadside destitutes at a time. This unique institution was perhaps the only one of its kind in India run by practicing psychiatrists that focused on the rehabilitation of roadside mentally ill destitutes. Often found in the most deplorable conditions, they are often found unkempt, injured, lacking food and clothing. The first step is always to provide basic nutrition and necessities to them. Depending on their diagnosis, medicines and the future course of action via activities, counselling etc is undertaken. Once their mental health improves and they recall their identities, Dr Bharat and Smitha Vatwani help them locate and reunite with their families. What started as a small movement has now helped over 35,000 families so far.
To see the amazing journey of Dr Bharat Vatwani and Dr Smitha Vatwani and the challenges they faced, Tune into 'Ekla Chalo Re' on Saturday 31st Jan, 8pm and Sunday 12noon & 5pm, exclusively on IBN-Lokmat.