In the field of medicine, normal medical procedures have not thoroughly managed the manifestations of human aging. With this fact, it has been a difficult endeavour in the medical practice to deal with wrinkles, skin pigmentation, stretch marks, and other signs and symptoms of the aging process.

Affirm Multiplex (MPX) is now the latest advancement in anti-aging enhancement. The procedure has been approved by Food and Drug administration (FDA) to manage old age manifestations like increased skin pigmentation, and formation of wrinkles and stretch marks. It is available in various healthcare facilities in different countries around the world.

One of which is the Medora Medical Centre for medicine and surgery in Singapore, which is headed by Dr Medora . With the success of this breakthrough in cosmetology, Affirm Multiplex (MPX) has given the public a driving force to manage their age-related signs and symptoms.

Under the Ministry of Health in Singapore, Medora Medical Centre for medicine and surgery has been registered and approved to provide medical care services as well as to perform cosmetic surgical procedures as its specialization. The doctors and other medical professional who comprise the team are also registered under the Ministry of Health and under local medical associations. Furthermore, the medical team’s doctors have their own specific medical specialization in giving patients an astounding clinical experience of availing the medical care services offered in Medora Medical Centre for medicine and surgery.

So if you want to experience the great benefits of Affirm Multiplex Procedure then visit Medora Medical Centre. You are assured of high quality and effective medical services since this healthcare facility is supervised by Dr Medora , the centre’s Medical Director and Primary Care Doctor, who is also a noteworthy cosmetic surgeon.

“Affirm Multiplex guarantees patients that they will achieve a younger-looking and rejuvenated skin once they submit themselves to the procedure. Whether your desired enhancement is on the face or on the body, Affirm Multiplex assures best results and patients can go back to their normal activities right after the procedure. Moreover, Affirm Multiplex is also recommended for women who have developed stretch marks after giving birth and the recuperation period would just take a few days,” added Dr Medora .

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