Medora Medical Center for medicine and surgery is a local and exclusive medical facility in Singapore. Under the leadership of Dr. Zubin Medora , the center is known for the cosmetic surgical procedures it offers. Dr Zubin Medora is the healthcare facility’s Primary Care Doctor and Medical Director. He is one of the competent cosmetic surgeons who run Medora Medical Center. His ample qualifications include an undergraduate training in medicine, a postgraduate training in surgery and a vast clinical experience in cosmetic surgery. He is as well registered in Singapore to practice his field of specialization.

The Healthcare Facility’s Background

“Though Medora Medical Center is popular for its cosmetic operations, the facility also offers clinical specialization related to medical care as per its registration under the Ministry of Health in Singapore. A team of multidisciplinary medical professionals run the medical center. These professionals are lawfully registered and qualified under the Ministry of Health and under local associations in medicine. They aim to make the public feel physically good of themselves. Moreover, they specialize in many aesthetic procedures like plastic and reconstructive surgery, cosmetic surgery, hair restoration, EENT surgery, breast reduction, and facelift,” added Dr Zubin Medora .

The highly repeated surgical procedures in Medora Medical Center for medicine and surgery are those performed as outpatient procedures which are considered as minor and simple. High success rate and definite safety in enhancing an individual’s physique is what these procedures promise. Beauticians and psychologists have known through research that a person’s physical image of himself or herself has an effect on how the person thinks and acts. It poses an impact on the person’s self-esteem, character, and social acceptance. So patients are advised not to keep themselves from undergoing cosmetic surgical procedures since these operations are intended for patients to have a better outlook to their physical appearance and for their lifestyle to be better as well.

Get in touch with medical practitioners at Medora Medical Center now so that you will have a younger and attractive appearance after the procedures offered in the center are performed on you.

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Dr Zubin Medora
Medical Director and Primary Care Doctor
Medora Centre for Medicine and Surgery
Phone: 6836 6035
Business Mailing Address:
#03-08 Camden Medical Centre,
One Orchard Boulevard, Singapore 248649
E-mail: [email protected]