Services in cosmetic enhancement have been considered an integral part in the lives of many people because of their great desire to have a better appearance. In present times, surgical services in cosmetology are already part of the daily operations done in specialized medical centers in Singapore.

Dr. Zubin Medora is one of the noteworthy interdisciplinary professionals who perform cosmetic surgical procedures. He is at the same time the Medical Director and Primary Care Doctor of Medora Medical Center for medicine and surgery. The aforementioned facility is certified as a specialized medical center under the Ministry of Health in Singapore. Cosmetic surgical enhancement is performed by highly trained professionals so the public need not to shy away in availing the said services.

“Cosmetic surgeries may be classified either as noninvasive or minimally invasive procedures. Minimally invasive procedures refer to complex surgeries like face lift and eye surgery. For eye surgery, this includes oriental double eyelid, removal of eye bags, and upper eye hooding. On the other hand, noninvasive surgical procedures are less complex which is either done on the face or body. The procedure includes hair transplant and laser treatment for stretch marks,” said Dr Medora .

Necessary skill, concrete training, and wide experience should be possessed by medical practitioners who perform cosmetic surgeries. Dr. Zubin Medora is one of these dependable cosmetic surgeons who have an undergraduate medical training, postgraduate surgical qualifications and a deep training and experience in cosmetic surgery. Moreover, cosmetic surgeons have to be registered in relevant organizations related in the medical field as a proof that they are qualified enough to do cosmetic operations.

People should not be in haste in availing a certain cosmetic surgical procedure. Instead, the public should research in choosing credible doctors so as not to acquire complications associated with improper performance of cosmetic operations. On the other side, people can give their full confidence once they have found credible doctors to do the specialized cosmetic surgery that they wanted to be performed. To know more about Medora Centre, visit


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