Meditation, mind-based therapies, and lower back pillow may ease back pain, according to a study..
According to a report published by the New York Times, as much as 65 million Americans suffer from chronic lower back pain.

But what is worse, the New York Times added, majority of the sufferers report that they seemed to have tried all possible remedies but has met with no success. Many people has taken drastic steps to take away their lower back pain. However, after a few sessions of physical therapy, painkillers, and different shots, the lower back pain just would not leave them.

The New York Times reported that a new study found that meditation and mind-based therapies can be effective in easing the chronic pain in the back. Experts agreed and added that using lower back pillow when sleeping can also provide additional benefits to sufferers.

Known as mindfulness-based stress reduction, the therapeutic technique combines meditation, body awareness and yoga in order to focus a person’s awareness on his pain. Greater improvements in function and pain reduction among sufferers were recorded among people who has taken the time to learn this novel therapeutic technique.

However, once back at home from the mindfulness-based stress reduction therapy, experts encouraged everyone to support the therapy by taking extra measure to achieve physical comfort. Using a lower back pillow, experts agree that people with chronic back pain can easily manage their condition.

A very good example of a pillow that is recommended to be used to ease the aching back is the Shredded Memory Foam Pillow.

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