Mediker reveals this months winners of Smart Kalakaar Ki Khoj

Radio Rockstars on AIR Patna every Monday and Tuesday at 2:00 pm, contest receives an overwhelming response of over 5 Lakh entries till date

Patna, April 29, 2013: In May, Mediker Anti-Lice Treatment, gives 7 more smart girls once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become Radio Rockstars on Mediker’s “Pyaar Se Suljhaye” show aired on All India Radio (AIR). This programme will be broadcast in AIR Patna every Monday and Tuesday at 2:00 pm. Radio Rockstar is still open for entries. You can register yourself for Radio Rockstar programme by calling the toll-free number, 1800-1800-8888 and get a chance to participate in the Mediker Smart Kalakaar ki Khoj contest by narrating a smart story.

Mediker, the kids’ favorite anti- lice brand, in partnership with SHARP (School Health Annual Report Programme) NGO, has created “Smart Kalakaar Ki Khoj” contest for kids across Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. On entering the contest, kids can get a chance to become a Radio Jockey (RJ) and host the “Mediker Pyaar Se Suljhaye” programme for a week. The campaign has already provided over 70 smart girls an opportunity to fulfill their dream of becoming Radio Rockstars.

Through this initiative, Mediker attempts to address every mother’s concern about their daughter achieving success in life. A mother tries to eliminate any deterrent that comes in the way of her kid’s success. Lice are a problem that any mother is concerned about, as it distracts kids from their studies and other extra-curricular activities.

On this occasion Resham Kumari, winner of Mediker Smart Kalakaar Ki Khoj contest from Kanya Madhya Vidyalya says, “I am delighted to be chosen as a winner for the “Mediker Pyaar Se Suljhaye” programme. The experience of recording in a studio and being heard on AIR, is something I will cherish for life. The recognition I have received from this contest has given me confidence and will help me to grow in future. My parents, school principal and teachers are proud of me and have applauded my achievement.”

Speaking on the occasion Bindu Kumari, School Coordinator, Kanya Madhya Vidhyalya Amlotala, says, Mediker’s Smart Kalakaar Ki Khoj has given these girls a platform to evolve into stronger individuals. These girls are a true inspiration for others. The recognition they have received through this contest will encourage them to move forward, enhance their personalities and take on any challenge that life throws at them.”

Mediker believes that there are many kids who are extremely smart and deserve to be given a podium to display their potential. The Mediker Smart Kalakaar Ki Khoj contest gives an opportunity for kids to aspire, perform and make their mark amongst peers.

Anjali Kumari, another winner of Smart Kalakaar Ki Khoj contest from Gandak Sishu Vidyalaya says, “I am extremely grateful to Mediker for giving me this opportunity. It is exciting to be heard by a large audience on AIR. My mother encouraged me to participate in this contest. This contest has helped me gain recognition amongst friends and peers.”

On their association with Mediker Smart Kalakaar ki Khoj, Neetu Guleri, Project Coordinator, SHARP NGO said, “Mediker “Smart Kalakaar Ki Khoj” provides a great platform for smart kids who think differently. We are delighted to be associated with a campaign which provides these girls an opportunity to fulfill their aspirations. Though this programme Mediker continues to inspire mothers and daughters, to come forward and make a mark across Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar.”

If your kid wants to become a Radio Rockstar, they can listen to Mediker’s “Pyaar Se Suljhaye” programme on All India Radio. To enter call the toll-free number, 1800 1800 8888 and register their entry by narrating a smart story on “how smart kids think differently”.

7 winners of this contest are listed below:





Bhawani Kumari

Gajadhar Madhya Vidylay



Laxmi Kumari

Rajkiykrit Madhya vidyalay



Resham Kumari

Kanya Madhya Vidyalya




Yadopur High School Bhojpur



Anjali Kumari

Gandak Sishu Vidyalaya



Saloni Kumari

Real Public School



Risha Kumari

Rajkiya Madhya Vidyalya









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