It can be very rewarding to work in the medical field.  There are a multitude of great medical careers.  If you know where to look for healthcare positions, finding a great job is not that complicated.  You can find a great selection of medical office jobs on internet job search sites.  If you have an interest in technical fields and do not want to work in an office environment, radiology technician jobs are important to consider.  You can find a wealth of rewarding positions in hospitals and outpatient imaging centers.


Medical office jobs often include a variety of positions such as office managers, medical billers, surgical schedulers, medical assistants, physician assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, front office receptionists, technicians, and of course physicians.  Working in a medical office can be very rewarding.  One-on-one patient interaction is at the forefront of your experience and can make your work experience memorable and satisfying.   You can watch patients improve and experience their gratitude at the end of their treatment courses.  You can be an instrumental part of the healthcare team and feel like you have made a tremendous impact in the lives of others every day.  When you are looking for medical office jobs, make sure that you are comfortable with the patient load, the philosophy of the practice, and the temperament and approach of the physicians with whom you will be working.


It is not easy to find work in medical offices.  There are no human resources departments for private practices.  You either have to have connections to someone in the office, or know where to look online.  Now there are medical job search websites that physician employers are using to recruit medical staff and providers for their private practices.  Make sure to go to a lot of networking events with practicing physicians and seek out busy, reputable medical job sites online and you will have a better chance of finding top medical office jobs.


Working in a medical office may not be for you.  You may be very motivated by machines and state of the art technology.  You may still like to work with patients, but you may enjoy working with a smaller patient load and enhancing your technical skill development.  Radiology technician jobs are terrific because they pay very well, can allow for flexible hours, and expose you to comfortable work environments that allow you to enhance your technical skills.


Training for radiology technician jobs is not very long. Three options exist for pursuing a career as a radiology tech: a certificate program that takes one to two years, a two-year associate’s degree, or a four-year bachelor’s degree. (A certificate program is especially beneficial for an individual with some previous experience in radiology technology or who is changing medical fields. This program typically lasts for 21 to 24 months.)


Certificate programs are available through traditional or online courses, community colleges, technical schools, and some hospitals.  Prerequisites to radiology programs may include previous medical experience and/or medical terminology, office technology or ethics coursework. The academic background for radiology technician jobs usually includes anatomy, chemistry, biology, radiology theory, mathematics and patient safety courses.


A two-year associate’s degree is the most popular path for aspiring radiology techs at this time. Programs are offered at almost all accredited community colleges and private institutions.  Some universities offer a bachelor’s degree in Radiologic Technology.  Admission to one of these programs comes with its own criteria specific to the school.  Common university courses for radiology techs include radiation physics, anatomy, pathology and radiobiology.



In conclusion, if you want to find a rewarding medical career, consider medical office jobs and radiology technician jobs. Now, you can have access to thousands of these job opportunities online.