Media Freeware recently announced its Script Fonts Pack that gives users access to various types of script fonts.

In fact there are several types of script fonts that are based on handwritings of users and they can go on to make a lasting impression. As they say, there is a different font for every occasion and users don’t have to create the right one for their needs as and when required. It could be for their professional emails or any kind of personal correspondence, they can rely on this app to offer them script fonts exactly according to their requirements.

Script Fonts Pack is said to be just perfect for Monotype Imaging and gives users access to a large number of fonts that can be used on PCs and mobile devices alike. They can be used for presentations or special projects when users want to make a lasting impression as well.

There are two types of scripts involved here; casual and formal. The names are self-explanatory and offer users appropriate options based on their requirements. There are several other styles that offer exciting options to users too. One has to understand that the app tries to recreate one’s handwriting as much as possible, which is why it looks more customized than others.

The app has been designed to ensure user convenience as it is lightweight and doesn’t take too much space on one’s system. It can be downloaded in a matter of minutes and given that it has an intuitive interface, all types of users including beginners, can get a hang of it at the earliest.

About Script Fonts Pack

Script Fonts Pack brings different types of script fonts at users’ fingertips for their overall convenience.

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