16/03/2020, Delhi: The liver transplant is one of the complex organ transplant surgery. Being a major surgical procedure, it is conducted in steps like removal of the liver from diseased-donor or live-donor, implantation of the liver in the recipient’s body replacing the damaged one and long term follow up treatment.

A liver transplant is a critical procedure and it takes up to 18 hours to complete the whole procedure. The liver transplant in India is conducted following any of the three methods depending on the patient-specific requirement. The methods used for liver transplant are:

  • Orthotopic transplantation: where a whole liver is taken from a recently deceased donor or living donor and transplanted that to the recipient body replacing the damaged one.
  • Heterotopic transplantation: Here a healthy liver is additionally implanted in the recipient body without removing the damaged liver.
  • Reduced-size liver transplant: This is generally conducted for children suffering from chronic diseases. The process involves the transplantation of a part of the healthy donor liver into a patient.

Currently, India has become a desired destination for international patients waiting for liver transplant surgery to avail the top-notch transplantation treatment available in the country. Liver transplant surgery demands the best of human resources, technical skills, equipment, and team effort for a successful outcome. With advanced medical facilities, liver transplant surgery in India has become quite popular throughout the world. World-class organ transplant centres in India offer a high success rate with top-notch treatment facilities. Top transplant surgery hospitals in India are equipped with the latest instruments, technological advance infrastructure, and ethical management practices to offer the best treatment facilities to patients around the globe. Medanta hospital is one of the best organ transplant hospitals in India. Liver transplant surgery in Medanta hospital offers the best outcome to patients across the country and around the globe. Famous liver transplant surgeons of India are well-reputed throughout the world for their specialized care in all aspects of surgery.

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