Pune 18th March 2014: In this chaotic atmosphere of the general elections IBN-Lokmat presents “Maza Mat, Maza Sarkaar” a show dedicated to reaching out to voters in every nook and corner of Maharashtra and meeting them to know more about their views, expectations, agendas and future promises. Tune in to IBN-Lokmat to know more about what people in different parts of Maharashtra think about the general elections and their expectations from the candidates and agenda from party,Monday to Friday at 8.30pm, 11.30pm and the following day at 8.30 am.

With hardly a few weeks to go for the General Elections of 2014, all contesting parties have their focus fixed on every state, city, district and village in India. Right from the posh localities to the rural and semi urban regions of Maharashtra, Campaigns, advertisements, rallies and speeches fill the elections environment and find their place across all news mediums like television and newspapers.

This exclusive show will have the IBN-Lokmat outdoor broadcasting van which travel to all parts of Maharashtra and speak to voters from different walks of life. India is preparing to get all set for the upcoming General elections 2014, with many major parties contesting for victory like the Indian National Congress, Bharatiya Janata Party, Shiv Sena, MNS and contesting the Lok Sabha polls for the very first time the Aam Aadmi Party led by Mr. Arvind Kejriwal.

This general election will be the longest election in the country’s history spanning across 9 phases that begin from the 7th of April and continue till the 12th of May 2014. The outcome will decide the future of India, a land to billions of people. At this time all that matters are the voters in different parts of India and their opinions and views about their parties.  IBN-Lokmat through “Maza Mat MazaSarkaar” bring to light people’s opinions from many villages, rural areas, semi urban and urban areas across Maharashtra.

Tune in to IBN-Lokmat from Monday to Friday at 8.30pm, 11.30pm and the following day at 8.30 am to know more about what the people of Maharashtra have to say about the general elections of 2014.