The Great Rajni kant on the sets of May I Come in Madam


Life OK’s most hilarious sitcom May I Come in Madam has been presenting viewers with many interesting tracks and the upcoming one will be a hilarious episode. The track with tickle your funny bone with laughter.

Now, Sandeep Anand who is playing a role of Sajan will get into another major trouble when he will fool Sanjana by telling him that he knows the Superstar Rajinikanth very well.

Yes, Sajan will see Sanjana drooling over her idol and star, Rajinikanth and will want to meet him. Hence, to make her happy, Sajan will pull out a trick that he knows The Great Rajni sir very well and Soon, Sajan will find himself in a huge mess, as the word will spread about Sajan being a friend of the South Indian superstar. And there will be a big crowd assembled near Sajan’s house, as all the enthusiastic fans of Rajini kanth will want to see their favorite star.

Enthusiastic Sandeep said,” As we all know Rajnikanth is more famous for his real life rather than movies his struggle and his work towards people. He is a great man and pure person with due respect we are giving the same massage in the episode also that one cannot be fake to make his persona larger than life I had total fun during the shoot and enjoyed every bit of his action while shooting even his dupe felt like real sometime with his gestures”

Well! It will be very interesting to watch how Saajan will escape himself from his mastermind boss Sanjana.


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Atul Malikram