1st March 2013 – The Chairman of Max Steiner internet industries, Mr. Amir G. Kabiri, announced today the launch of today’s leading online search engine optimization (SEO) services worldwide.

Max Steiner specializes in the development of advanced SEO platforms, and over the last two years has created two unique platforms, each providing a complete solution for handling a major part of SEO process for any website, that can benefit both SEO agencies and website owners.

After more than two years of development, The Company has launched an advanced platform providing a full feature solution for guest posting, one of the main problems of websites SEO which is crucial for any website promotion. In addition, The Company will soon launch a sophisticated innovative system that simplifies all other SEO components, allowing a full SEO management solution for any website owner and for SEO agencies handling dozens of different websites.

Mr. Kabiri announced “Both systems were launched on January-February 2013, after a Beta version tested by leading SEO professionals over time. These systems together allow a full solution for promoting any website, as well as handling the promotion of multiple websites. The target audience for it includes website owners, SEO professionals, public relation agencies, advertising agencies and more.”

The company’s focus on the next stages will be on branding, advertising and marketing of these solutions, as well as to keep on improving the services, adding more features and improving the user experience. Based on these systems, the company will provide tailor-made solutions for the needs of public relations agencies, and will keep developing solutions for other markets as well.

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