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Max Kirsten, one of the most well known names in the field of hypnosis and hypnotherapy is pleased to offer a wide range of hypnosis downloads as MP3s and iPhone applications.

London, United Kingdom, October 21st, 2010- Max Kirsten, one of the most trusted names in the world of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, is delighted to offer a large selection of self help hypnosis sessions and applications for immediate download through his website. The selection of MP3s and iPhone and iPad applications includes 'Quit Smoking Now', 'Weight Loss Now', 'ABC of Better Sleep', 'Insomnia Cure' and 'Relax Now'. Each of the iPhone or iPad applications or MP3s is highly affordable, highly effective and available immediately.

Max Kirsten has earned his reputation helping thousands of people with a whole range of needs, from smoking cessation to weight loss, phobias and anxiety to sleeping, and with this new selection of portable MP3 and iPhone applications, it is hoped that even more people will be able to benefit from the highly effective hypnosis treatments offered by Max Kirsten.

The convenience offered by these affordable hypnosis MP3s and applications means that anybody is now able to benefit from the extra help which Max Kirsten's hypnosis is able to provide, whenever they have time, and wherever they are. Finally the powerful help offered by hypnosis is now made available to everyone to benefit from, and at a price which is remarkably affordable.

Max Kirsten is a name in the world of hypnotherapy which is well respected and well regarded, having helped many people, including a number of well known public figures. Visit his website today and discover how tomorrow can be a better day for you.

For more information about Max Kirsten or to find out more information about any of his hypnosis downloads, visit his website at http://www.maxkirsten.com/

About Max Kirsten
Max Kirsten is one of the most respected and well known names in the world of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. He offers easy to follow MP3 downloads providing solutions to treat insomnia, weight loss and smoking to name some.

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