Los Angeles, March 2013 – Highly regarded professional matchmaker In Los Angeles Westwood Introductions International is launching a service that makes meeting gorgeous women now even easier for their male clients.

The normal matchmaking process normally takes anywhere from 3 months to a year depending on the client, but with Westwood Introductions International’s new program, this can be accelerated into a time period of just a week or two.

Westwood Introductions International’s CEO explains that the program will involve intensive recruiting in a man’s chosen city and large number of dates set up for him within in that time period. Ideally, the man might be going to a city in which he does not normally live but in which there are a plethora of beautiful women that he could pick for his bride.

Westwood Introductions International would act as a concierge and not only set up the dates but hotel accommodations, a flight, a driver and more. The clients who chose this program would have the ultimate in luxury at every step of the way. A tour of this kind could be in a solo city or could be several different cities.

” This program is ideal for a gentleman who is looking for an exceptional woman, a woman who has the WHOLE package. This man is successful and really wants to spend some serious money and time to meet Ms. Right” Explains Ms. Westwood “in short, they are seeking ONLY the best when it comes to their future bride”

You can see more about this service at Perfect10Introductions.com or by contacting them at www.perfect10introductions.com

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