22, April 2015: Very soon, art lovers will be able to purchase Original Urban Art from Martin Beckley in the online environment. Renowned artist, author and entrepreneur, Martin Beckley is all set to launch an online platform for buying his original art pieces. Martin has an exclusive collection of art pieces that will be available for the retail customers through his newly created website.

Bird of Paradise

Speaking about his soon to be launched website, Martin states, “My art will now be sold online through the website. One will be able to glimpse through the paintings on the site and will be able to purchase an art that is close to his/her heart. And everything will be done in a fast and hassle-free manner, sitting comfortably in the living room.” According to him, this is an effort to offer art lovers a flexible choice to get the original painting or art to adorn their built space.

Martin is passionate about art and he is always in search of picturesque landscapes that can inspire him to create breathtaking paintings. After a successful business in IT, Health and Lifestyle, he indulged himself into the new passion of creating urban art pieces. He has explored magnificent landscapes, from beautiful French Alps to vivid Caribbean seashores. And art lovers will be able to glimpse through the signs and symbols and a collection of diverse elements that makes his paintings truly unique.

For the modern art lovers, Martin’s contemporary urban art could be a way to explore an inquisitive mind that believes in presenting the ordinary world uniquely through paint and canvas. Martin endeavors to present the unexplored elements of a natural setting that humans can observe through an art form only. People who believe in perceiving the world through the eyes of a painter or an artist will always appreciate Martin’s delicate and wonderful urban art creations.

However, Martin assures that the wait will be over very soon, as the website is in its final stage of development. The efforts have been made to offer the best experience to the art lovers who want to glimpse through the paintings or art forms and will also appreciate user-friendly features when it comes to placing an order online for a brilliant urban art from Martin Beckley. To know more about this passionate painter and artist, one may visit his website www.martinbeckley.com

About Martin Beckley:

Martin Beckley is an artist, author and entrepreneur who specializes in producing awesome urban art forms. After a successful business in the fields of IT, lifestyle and health care, he discovered his new passion of creating urban art forms. Now, he dedicates his time in traveling wonderful landscapes to present exceptional and beautiful arts for the art lovers.

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