Meryl and Paul Morgan battle marital problems and a murderer in 'Did you hear about the Morgan's?' releasing shortly in UAE.

U.A.E. January 22, 2010 - As if marital issues aren't enough, poor Paul and Meryl Morgan are stuck with a murderer on their backs. 'Did you hear about the Morgan's?' releases on the 28th of January 2010 in UAE theatres.

According to writer/director Marc Lawrence, the Morgan's haven't lost their connection specifically because of infidelity, but the root of the problem is that they had grown apart. While Paul Morgan desperately tries to win his wife Meryl back before they divorce, fortunately and unfortunately they witness a murder. This leads them to being transferred to Wyoming by the FBI on account of being unsafe in Manhattan. Lucky for Paul, this situation only gives him a chance to make Meryl understand his true feelings and patch up their marriage as well. But unluckily, the killer who committed the crime they witnessed, is still on the lose. He is on a mission to get rid of Paul and Meryl wherever they may be.

Faisal Shamon from Dubai says, 'The combination of saving a marriage and saving yourself from a murderer is unique. I have read many negative reviews about this movie online, but why miss the movie for a bunch of people who have already watched it?'

Saving a marriage with a killer on your trail is hard enough…but doing that without modern conveniences? Find out what happens to the Morgan‘s by watching the movie when it releases in UAE on the 28th of January in a theater near you.

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