Luxury is a funny thing. Various things have been deemed luxurious over time, from the privilege of taking a monthly bath, to flushing toilets and cosmetics made with powdered pearls or gold dust. The point of it is always exclusivity ¨C for an item to be truly luxurious, it must be denied to some and indulged in almost to the point of excess by a lucky few. This is a perfect description of the Louis Vuitton Haute Maroquinerie Salon, a place where women can have customized  Louis Vuitton Handbags  made especially for them.  Designer Outlet Sale  offers details on this ultimate style indulgence.

For most women, simply owning a bag from Louis Vuitton is a privilege. After all, this venerable design house is known for creating some of the most well-loved handbags in the world, bags whose silhouettes and materials are instantly recognizable as status symbols from a mile away. Yet, for women with lofty style ambitions and the budget to match, it's possible to raise the stakes even more by having their very own designs done at the LV Haute Maroquinerie Salon.

How does this special service work? The magic begins when a customer enters the private Maroquinerie salon. She is given the choice of working with one of five iconic Louis Vuitton silhouettes: the Lockit, the Triangle, the Noe, the Trapeze, and the Berlingot. Each one has its own beauty. Those who are looking for structure will want to use the Lockit, Triangle or Trapeze for a foundation, while those who are after a more relaxed look will probably pick the Noe or the softly rounded Berlingot. Next, the customer chooses from among eight types of leather in twenty-six colours and two finishes. All in all, some 80,000 variations are possible.

Designs created at the Maroquinerie Salon are then forwarded to the LV workshop in Asnieres, France and are ready after six months to one year. The option to have a one-of-a-kind designer bag made exactly to their specifications is definitely a privilege, and a year isn't too long to wait for a bag that will become a cherished classic in one's collection.

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