Heidelberg / Germany. Summer is almost over and for that reason Marketing Nastasi has finished their summer promotion. According to the two operators of the portal it has been a big success.

One could think that there is nothing good to tell about these times. There are financial crisis, banks go bankrupt, the economy crisis has reached almost everyone of us, short-time work, pandemia and bad news like that everywhere. People occupy themselves a lot with these topics. „That is one of the reasons why things like that need so long to disappear because we have learned from the universal law of attraction that like attracts like,“ says Julia Nastasi, contact person for the English speaking customers of the manifesting courses that help people to reach their aims.

Can that really be true ? Is it our own fault that the crisis is not yet over ? „In parts,“ says Alexander Nastasi. He and his wife started their German manifesting portal in May 2008 and the English version of it in May 2009. Since then they were able to observe how people's lives changed as they changed their own thoughts and as they concentrated on what they wanted instead of what they did not want. But what does manifesting mean ? It is to attract things into one's life by focussing one's thoughts on the desired thing and by expecting to have it and best within in a short time only. Brain scientists tell us that the human brain needs at least 21 days of doing something constantly and with a lot of emotion to accept this thing as a habit and that is what the 30 days course makes use of. People are led to success step by step. Every day, they get an e-mail with an exercise (reading and doing never takes longer than 30 minutes). Every day, there is a live chat with the coaches where problems and blockades can be solved the very same day they come up. There is an internal bulletin board for exchange among the users and for private questions there is the internal e-mail form with an answer within 24 hours latest. This seems to fill the gap that existed between workshops, books, films and real life a system to keep one sticking to the one thing we want.

People learn to focus on what they want many people define themselves on a base of what they do not want. According to the rule that like attracts like, that means that we get what we think of most of the time these people will then get what they do not want. Julia and Alexander now helped even more people with their 6 weeks summer promotion which was a giant success. People work on finding out what they want and then they learn how they can get it by means of power of their own mind. This one the one hand takes away all the excuses that we cannot get what we want because someone holds us away from it. On the other hand it puts everyone in the powerful situation of creating his own life.

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Marketing Nastasi was founded in 2003 and runs several websites around the topic health and healthcare, in the year 2008, online e-learning was added as a new sector and has now become an essential part of the young entrepreneurs. Five books have been published by Alexander Nastasi, among them the last one Manifesting 2.0, an exercise handbook from the experience of 15 months of e-coaching.