London, England; 23, October 2015: Market research company Vivi is pleased to announce the launch of a unique online platform which empowers people to make a difference by exchanging their opinions for charitable donations. Around four fifths of Britons give to charity or participate in a social action at least once each year1, so there is a strong desire in this country to help good causes. However, many people are under too much time and financial pressure to give as generously as they would like.

Vivi helps address these challenges by making it easy and interesting for everyone to help charity. UK residents from all backgrounds aged 16 or over can register online with Vivi in just two minutes, after which they will receive surveys which they can complete from the comfort of their home or office, or on the move using their smartphones. Each time a Vivi member completes a survey money is raised for their chosen charity. All people share are their time and opinions. How much time each member volunteers to help with research is entirely up to them.

Vivi is proud to help people, non-profit organisations, and companies across the UK. Our platform offers a new way for charities to communicate with an engaged audience, highlighting the impact of their donations and nurturing a culture of philanthropy. While for clients, Vivi offers a uniquely ethical and effective means of accessing public opinion.

Vivi is online at