March 2013 - Do you want to grow marijuana at home for personal use? Are you are first time grower? Does your country allow possession and use of the plant for medicinal purposes? If all the answers are affirmative then you need to know about marijuana strains. If you obtain the facts, it will be easier to choose the strain that would be suitable for you to grow. You may carry on reading this article to learn the basics.

There are two types of marijuana strains found commonly. They are generally known as indica and sativa. These strains are used in different types of medications. Indica is used for pain relief and also for getting rid of stress. This strain can be found in medicine for arthritis, cancer and headaches. While on the other hand, sativa is used in anti depressants and it is also used in appetite enhancers. In some instances, it is also used to relief glaucoma, an eye infection.

Besides the above mentioned remedies, the two types of marijuana strains are used in several other medications. And a lot of people have been cured and got relief after using medication that has the extract of the plant. Seeing the goodness of the plant, several countries now allow individuals to grow marijuana strains in small quantities.

If you are also interested in growing the plant at home, you can select which strain you want to grow. You can either grow both or pick just one because indica is the easier one to grow. And if you are a first time grower then you may start with the easy one.

In order to buy marijuana strains, you can browse the net. There are a number of good websites that sell the best quality seeds. However, you ought to find a site that is legal so that you don’t face any trouble with the law. You can enter the keyword, find the site and request for an order.

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