27 June, 2014: London-based jewellery designer-maker Maria Thompson recently signed on to become the latest name in the newly-launched portal, F&L Designer Guides, exciting line-up of the best contemporary UK bespoke jewellers. 

Launched by a couple based in Southwest London, the F&L Designer Guides website aims to be the ultimate hub for all things related to bespoke engagement and bridal jewellery.. For this purpose, the portal’s co-founders set about selecting from a hand-picked list of their favourite British designers, and have managed to form alliances with quite a few of their desired names. 

As the founder of Maree Jewellery, Maria Thompson is the latest talent to have been selected to feature on the exclusive portal due to her innovative designs and metal manipulation skills. This designer’s pieces come in invariably charming, off-beat shapes which add an extra dimension to her creation’s visual appeal and flair. This innovative streak was what endeared Maria Thompson to the new portal’s founders, who eagerly added her to F&L Designer Guides’ growing roster. 

The designer’s evident and self-confessed inspiration in nature was another factor that caught the attention of the F&L Designer Guides moderators. The interesting and unique shapes used by this jeweller exhibit her fascination with the natural world and all its elements, which is best represented in her Flower Collection. The rings in this particular range manage to strike a balance between delicacy, elegance and beauty as well as eternal strength in the same way an actual flower does. 

By collaborating with F&L Designer Guides, Maria Thompson joins a growing group of like-minded bespoke jewellery designers from across the United Kingdom, which includes some of the most notable up-and-comers in this field. Aside from showcasing these designers’ creations and serving as a link between them and interested customers, the newly-launched portal also aims to serve as a source of information and contains various articles focusing on aspects such as stones, metals or the intricacies of buying a ring. A sense of community is enthusiastically cultivated by the site’s founders and is considered important to the project’s overall success. 

About F&L Designer Guides: 

F&L Designer Guides provide all you need to know about choosing an engagement ring designer. Showcasing some of the UK’s best designers, along with tips, advice and inspirations for finding a ring that embodies your love, the F&L Designer Guides is the first stop for choosing that perfect ring. 

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