22, April 2015: London has seen a boom in tourism this March with record-breaking increases in passengers through Gatwick and Heathrow Airports. The influx of passengers has certainly not gone unnoticed by airport transfers companies like the well-known Shuttle Direct, who are enjoying the rewards of the busy period. 

Statistics show Gatwick Airport welcomed over three million passengers in March this year, an astounding 9.2% rise compared to March 2014. Heathrow Airport recorded staggering rates of 5.95 million passengers, a 3.4% increase compared to the Easter period last year. 

The increase in business has come at a crucial time, when both airports are being reviewed by the Airports Commission regarding an additional runway. The Commission have said there is a need for the additional runway by 2030 and are currently working towards deciding which of the two popular airports will receive it. Results will be revealed after the general election in May. 

The Commission will decide whether to create a third runway at Heathrow, a second runway at Gatwick, or lengthen an existing Heathrow runway instead. Any doubts about the need for the additional runway service expressed by travel experts have banished by the record-breaking passenger increase seen throughout March. 

Renowned airport transfer company, Shuttle Direct, have experienced the boom in business first-hand as they provide airport transfers for both of the popular London airports. There has been much speculation about the combination of factors that contributed to March’s figures, such as the drop in the value of the Euro, the Easter holidays and the recent results of the World Airport Awards. 

“Heathrow ranked as eighth out of a hundred for the best airports in the world,” a spokesperson from Shuttle Direct commented. “This certainly couldn’t harm business and, indeed, we are enjoying the busiest Easter period we’ve experienced in a long time.” 

Gatwick Airport has commented that their increase in air traffic movements per hour and use of larger aircrafts is also partly to thank for the higher passenger count. 

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