United States - With the continuously development of communication and the applications in smart phone, many America bosses are very annoyed about their employee's untimely playing with their smart phone or other entertainment electrical device during the working time. To eliminate this annoyance, the cell phone jammer devices which can be manually operated become more and more favorable for each business owner. Although some places in America have strictly rules for using this device, the sales volume of this device from website jammerfun.com still has greatly increasing.

There is a very typically cases about the function of this product. In Maryland of United States, a anonymity hotel boss bought one sort of strong cell phone signal jamming blocker because he had become impatient with his employees¡¯ concentration to the smart phone rather than the customer. The mindless of his employees already caused great loss to the income of this hotel. He said:" I ??tell them put the phone away, put the phone away! But most of the put these words fallen on deaf ears! That is why I want to purchase this device." With the applying of the cell phone signal jammer, his business occur a obviously pickup.

However, the cell phone jammer should be not the latest scientific invention. The market demand in U.S. is very great. The main clients for this device should include the coffee shops and barber shop owners, restaurant owners, theater operators, bus drivers and public transport commuters. Most of them need this useful device to limit their employee¡¯s deserting during the normal working time.

According to the carefully browsing for website jammerfun.com, the size of this device is only as big as a cigarette box and it will be very easy to be hidden and it is very convenient for these business owners. Users could simply tap the button and then the device will send the radio signal interference, blocking all cell phones signal within a radius of 4.5 to 9 meters. The smart phone which is subjected by this to interference will immediately display the words "no available networks" on the screen.

In a word, the price of the cell phone jammer for sale prices could be varied from 50 dollars to hundreds of dollars and the radio signal strength will also have huge difference. The more expensive of the cell phone signal jammers, the greater the impact of its interference performance. However, with the development of related technologies, this device will become more and more technical in the near future. If people want to purchase this device, please visit website jammerfun.com.

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