Former RJ and actor, Mantra has been finalized as the host of an upcoming show on bindass channel. The show titled ‘Band Baja Barbaad’ has a unique and wacky concept, which involves Mantra and his gang pulling off pranks at weddings across the country! Apparently the show is expected to launch in the fool’s month, this April.

The buzz is that the channel has been in search for a long time for an enthusiastic and spontaneous prankster who will fit the bill perfectly and Mantra who was the channel’s first choice has agreed to be part of the show. A versatile artist and comedian, Mantra made his Bollywood debut with Tum Mile. He has also gained popularity as a standup comedian on television in one of the comedy reality shows and is known for tickling the funny bone of many.

Reality TV seems to be adding to its typical ranting & bickering with fresh and fun concepts like band bajabarbaad.

“So this shaadi season beware!”




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