Owner of Manchester Chauffeur company Get Chauffeured, Karl Munroe, says his company helps takes the stress out of travelling. The company’s clients include a range of businesses throughout the North West as well as leisure users.

His reasoning is based on the growing numbers of businesses and individuals who are letting the chauffeur take the strain. Take early morning flights. Some flights are now so early there is no reliable public transport up and running. One option is to drive to the airport. But that can be time consuming and expensive. Airport parking is a nightmare for most. People, whether travelling for business or pleasure, have to build in enough time to park the car and make their way to the terminal. This means starting out even earlier. And there’s always the risk an accident or road works can scupper plans. All this makes travelling stressful and risky — unless you use a chauffeur driven saloon or people carrier. A great reason to hire an airport chauffeur .

Business executives travelling in a team have additional concerns. Who says all team members will arrive at their destination on time? By contrast, a chauffeur pick-up ensures all team members reach their destination. And rather than focusing on the travel arrangements, the party can work while travelling either to the airport or to their final destination.

Mr Munroe says, “Travelling today is a stressful experience. So much can go wrong especially if people have to rely on getting connections or plan to meet up with others. This always means people have to build in more buffer time. This is unproductive time spent worrying. And for our business clients, downtime doesn’t add to the bottom line“.

Get Chauffeured provides a professional chauffeur service to a wide range of clients from businesses through to soap and sports stars and leisure users keen to relax. Mr Munroe says modern businesses want their travel plans to go like clockwork. With reliable transport, comes stress free travel!

Likewise leisure users, particularly large parties or those taking long-haul flights find a chauffeur driven people carrier the only way to start their holiday. Imagine the alternative: hauling large cases, managing children, documents and the rest. It makes sense.


Based in Manchester, Getchauffeured prides itself on offering and affordable, professional chauffeur service to all clients both business travellers and recreational travellers.

Karl Munroe
[email protected]