Easthampton, MA (March 17th, 2013) — Suzanne Guthrie, Co-Founder of Bold New Directions and the Management Training Institute announced today the newest management training initiative offered as a management training seminar, the Management Training Tune-up for Middle Managers.

Ms. Guthrie says that while initial management training classes for middle managers is essential for their success, a management training seminar tune-up helps insure ongoing skill building and positive character development. Management training specialist and Management Training Institute co-founder Jim Hornickel agrees.  “As the designer of our management training classes, I am excited about our latest management training seminar rollout. Like all of us in the management field, middle managers need periodic management training refreshers to keep our skills strong.”

Management Training Institute instructor Peggy Rainwater expressed her enthusiasm for the new management training classes. “Delivering management training never fails to energize me. But this new management training seminar tune-up is an even more powerful management training experience for me and the participants. So many management training classes out there are just hum drum. The management training classes that the Management Training Institute is delivering are so highly engaging that the middle manager participants invariably ask when the next management training seminar will be offered.”

Bob Torsey, another Management Training Institute senior faculty member expressed it this way, “If every middle manager dedicated him or her self to participate in more management training classes, including our new management training seminar tune-up, their careers will flourish. They will also get more personal satisfaction after attending any of our many management training classes.”

Suzanne Guthrie forecasted that the Management Training Institute will continuously offer new and unique management training classes. “This management training seminar tune-up is just the next in line in a series of management training classes we offer. Supporting middle managers through leading edge management training is our passion” she declared.

About Management Training Institute

Established as a global learning company Bold New Directions, and its offshoot firm of Management Training Institute, involves participants in experiential management training courses that transform the way participants perform at work.  Management Training Institute provides management training courses to a diverse client base which consists of banking, health care, financial services, technology, manufacturing and higher education.  

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