A 36-year-old black guy aims to remove debt and fatten his wallet by copying The Million Dollar Homepage.

"I'm in debt and want to get this boil off my butt," said Roshawn Dawson, the dude behind The 2015 Homepage.com, the internet's newest pixel advertising site. "I could've asked for help via crowdfunding, but gifters would get nothing in return. I decided to try a homepage instead. I mean, why not since it's the tenth aniversary of the original homepage."

In 2005, Alex Tew made internet history with The Million Dollar Homepage, a site through which he earned $1 million by selling 1,000,000 pixels of ad space for $1 apiece. Because he promised to keep the homepage immutable and keep it online for a minimum of five years, advertisers gladly bought 100 or more pixels at a time and placed graphical ads in them that linked to their websites. A decade later, they're still getting traffic from those ads.

Dawson hopes to do the same for advertisers with the launch of The 2015 Homepage. To set his offering apart from other pixel sites that litter the web, he avoided the 'Million Dollar' moniker and named the site in honor of the year of its birth. He also raised the advertising space to 2,000,000 while lowering the price per pixel from $1 to just $0.35.

Next, he improved the ad creation and posting process. Customers can now click and drag their mouse, finger (touch is enabled on PCs), or stylus on the screen to visually size and position their ads exactly where they want them to appear. While drawing, a toolbar displays their dimensions and overall cost. Customers also see where other ads, if any, are currently being drawn (even new ads yet to appear on the homepage) and get notified when theirs covers someone else's. Fixing oversized or undersized ads or adjusting ads that cover others is as easy as redrawing them a different size and/or in a different area. And when customers pay for ads, they're posted on the homepage within a minute of purchase.

The 2015 Homepage definitely outshines other pixel sites with its ease of use and affordability, but it's fighting an uphill battle as pixel advertising lost its mojo shortly after its inception ten years ago. Many consider it a dead form of advertising.

"I know the odds are against me as few people have ever succeeded at this. Hopefully, advertisers will give me a chance," Dawson said. "So if you feel like putting yourselves out there, place an ad on The 2015 Homepage. Be there and be square."

Considering how well the original homepage worked, budget conscious advertisers, as well as those desiring to make internet history, may find this opportunity too tempting to pass up.

Find out more at www.the2015homepage.com

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