June 27, 2013: Under normal circumstances, it is highly recommended that children should be kept barefooted. Any pediatrician will confirm to this medical fact. As for the unavoidable circumstances when children must wear shoes, they should be comfortable and healthy to the feet. The size, the design and the material of the shoe is very important when buying shoes for the children especially if your child is less than five years of age. 

Since buying shoes for the kids should be done with utmost care, parents have no choice but to take them shopping. The idea of spending an entire day at the mall with a nagging and irritable kid is not exactly a fun day and should be avoided as much as possible. To add to this horror, since children grow at a fast rate, they tend to out-grow their shoes within a matter of months. 

Most people avoid buying shoes online because they cannot determine the size or even the material of the shoes for their kids. The truth is, it is possible to shop for kids shoes online and still get the perfect fit and quality. To do that, look for websites that comes with pitter pad. The pitter pad will allow you to determine the exact size by placing your child’s foot on the screen. Thanks to the pitter pad, parents will not have to go to the mall with nagging kids. 

It is recommended that the size of the shoe should be at least one size bigger than the original size of your kid. Tight shoes will stunt the growth of the feet and will result in deformed shapes. The child’s feet should be able to move freely inside the shoe. As for the material of the shoe, opt for the ones that are flexible. The material should be flexible enough to allow maximum mobility and yet porous enough to let the skin breathe inside the shoe. To get more information please go to http://www.mamaplaats.nl/kinderschoenen/ 

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