27 June, 2013: In more than 80 percent of urban families, both parents pursue a career. The handful of mothers who are housewives are actively involved in other social activities that they hardly have time to stay home and baby sit the children. The urban population is in a short supply of secure babysitters. 

This is especially very important for single parents struggling to keep a constant income in the family while making sure that your child is safe with the babysitter. For years leading watchdog Companies have struggled to come up with ideas to find the most secure babysitters. 

Mama Plaats comes up with an ingenious idea to keep your child safe with the most trusted and secure babysitters – Grandparents or other acquaintances. Yes, these people have always shied away from babysitting your kids permanently but here is a trick to change that. Their complains are completely legitimate. They cannot sit around all day babysitting your kids and do nothing. The solution is to pay them. When they are paid, it is as good as going to work for them. 

Mama Plaats recommends parents not to go cheap on the salary and pay them as much as you would pay any babysitter. This way they do not feel discouraged and will likely continue with the ‘job’ since it is easy money for them. As for the parents, you can rest assured that your child is in the most secure hands. Another advantage to this is that parents can stay over time and still the ‘babysitters’ will not charge them for that. 

For the parents with a relatively higher income, keeping an au pair is a safer option. The au pair will not just take care of the child but also the house — cooking, cleaning, laundry, and much more. Basically, they will take over all house hold responsibilities when you are not around. To get more information please go to http://www.mamaplaats.nl/kinderopvang/ 

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