Houston, Texas, USA — The new software is now available to the public, providing real-time protection against malware and ransomware. MalwareFox is offering a 14-day free trial of the fully functional product. Currently available for the Windows PC operating system, the company plans to expand their software for the Mac and Android platforms.

“Ransomware is the toughest crime to deal with and we have developed intelligent technology to detect and prevent such attacks,” said Shawn Abraham, chief technology officer of MalwareFox.

Traditional antivirus programs can miss a wide variety of malware that slows operating systems, can lock computers and make them inaccessible. MalwareFox rids Windows systems of a host of nuisance pop-ups, unwanted toolbars, unknown apps, spyware, malicious redirects, ransomware, and phishing attacks initiated for identity theft.

Even deeply embedded rootkits are no match for MalwareFox. The software solution repairs files damaged by rootkits and the Browser Cleanup feature provides individuals with safe, enjoyable and confident browsing. The software is equally applicable for personal and professional systems.

The fast acting Smart Scan mode in Malware Fox scans, identifies and removes existing threats in less than five minutes and runs unobtrusively in the background to monitor threats in real-time. MalwareFox was specifically designed for minimal memory usage and is fully compatible with antivirus software programs.

“Instead of installing separate protection software for each kind of malware, we provide an all-in-one package which protects from rootkits to ransomware at minimal cost,” said John Dalton, chief science officer at MalwareFox.

Cyber-crime is an increasing threat to individuals, financial institutions, and ransomware can be life-threatening for healthcare facilities. MalwareFox runs in conjunction with traditional antivirus software for comprehensive protection against threats from multiple sources.

The release of the new malware protection software by MalwareFox provides individuals, businesses, and institutions around the world with an efficient and cost effective solution to cyber security threats. The premium version of MalwareFox is available for $29.95, protects three PCs for one year, and includes 24-7 support.

About the Company:

MalwareFox Antimalware was introduced in December 2016 with an aim to combat cyber crimes and provide a safe environment for Windows PC users. MalwareFox continues to develop its technologies to deal with new kinds of malware and strives to provide an effective solution. At the moment, the software is compatible with Windows operating systems only, but the company aims to expand it to Mac and Android OS, too.

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