Orlando, FL — May 02, 2016 — For many people, household pets such as dogs are family members. Pet lovers do a variety of measures to protect their furry family members from harm and health threats. However, there are conditions that dogs are often susceptible from, such as arthritis.

Male dogs with septic arthritis may potentially benefit from natural remedies. Arthritis is one of the conditions that are prevalent not just in humans, but also in dogs. Unfortunately, this condition doesn’t just jeopardize the health of pets, but also reduces their overall quality of life.

Septic arthritis is believed to be more common in dogs. Dog sufferers often experience symptoms such as joint inflammation, which normally occurs after an injury. Once injury happens, the joint is exposed to environmental microorganisms and a variety of contaminations.

When the joint is contaminated, septic arthritis develops. Microorganisms are often caused by infections, go through the blood stream, and land in the joint fluid. In dogs, microorganisms affect more than one joint.

Arthritis is characterized by inflammation in one or more joints in the bones. Septic arthritis, on the other hand, doesn’t just cause inflammation but also involves the presence of bacterial microorganism in the joint fluid affected.

Septic arthritis often develops in male dogs between the ages of four to seven years. There are also certain types of dog breeds that are susceptible to the condition such as German shepherds, Dobermans, and Labrador retrievers.

In addition to age and breed, there are also other risk factors such as having diabetes or a compromised immune system. Septic arthritis could also be due to fungal and bacterial infections. Veterinarians test the joint fluid to determine the type of bacteria causing the infection.

Like humans with arthritis, dogs also suffer from symptoms that are detrimental to their overall quality of life. These symptoms include fever, lethargy, pain, lack of appetite, and joint swelling. While there are pain medications available, there are also natural remedies such as glucosamine pet owners can resort to.

One of the major reasons why pet owners prefer to give their pet glucosamine over pain medications is that the former is believed to be safer to use. Glucosamine does not cause the side effects associated with the use of pharmaceutical drugs formulated to combat pain.

Glucosamine is also a natural ingredient, and is believed to offer a variety of health benefits. This natural ingredient is thought to have the ability to repair the damage cartilage, fight inflammation, and improve overall joint health (www.amazon.com/Glucosamine-Sulfate-Supplement-2000mg-serving/dp/B0126ZF0B0/).
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