16 April, 2013 — Winnie, TX; Texans would know what is the tallest structure in their State. However, if you happen to be from out of town, you might be wandering if Winnie, TX has something special for you. Well, they actually have a special claim to fame, and it’s no tall tale.

The Winnie Cumulus Broadcasting Tower is considered to be the tallest structure in Texas, one of the few structures that could give the Liberman Broadcasting a run for its money. Of course, Winnie TX has other tourist spots that you might also want to take a look at. For example, about 15 miles from Winnie, one would find a number of beaches as well as areas for golfing, hunting, and bird watching. Visitors can also head to the Ford Park Arena and Baytown. All this sightseeing would, of course, mean that one would need to have a place to stay for the night. This is where the Winnie Inn Suites comes in.

The Winnie Inn Suites is one of the premier hotels in Winnie TX. The hotel is conveniently located near some of the most popular spots in the area. Some of the amenities being offered by The Winnie Inn Suites and RV Park are access to high speed wireless internet, free Continental breakfast, and access to recreation, picnic, and BBQ area, among others. Guests can also enjoy the use of microwave and refrigerator, hair dryer, and color TV with remote. Each of the TVs comes with extended movie channels for the guest’s pleasure. What’s more, for a small fee, clients can send and receive fax messages, photocopy documents, and access their incoming and outgoing email messages.

Booking with The Winnie Inn Suites is very easy. All you have to do is head to their page at http://www.indembsudan.com/42405/28.htm and make use of the simple reservation form that can be found at the upper left part of the web site.

For more details, please see http://www.indembsudan.com/42405/28.htm

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