Hartbeespoort dam has become one of the most popular romantic getaway spots for coulples of all ages. One of the main reasons for this is the many different activities that couples can particiapate in and enjoy together. a Hartbeespoort boat cruise is probably one of the most popular of all romantic types o activities for couples but there is also far more to do for romantic couples than just a cruise around the Hartbeespoort dam. Hot air ballooning Hartbeespoort dam is one of the fastest growing activities in the Hartbeespoort dam area and most of the Hartbeespoort dam hot air ballooning franchises are constantly busy or booked up.

One of the most popular ways to do things in the Hartbeespoort dam area by couples on a romantic vacation or simply a romantic weekend getaway is to combine a number of activities into an informal and very romantic itinerary, this itinerary can include a number of different activities in Hartbeespoort dam into one long and interesting and fun filled holiday or weekend getaway. Here is a really good example of how you can plan a romantic vacation or weekend getaway itinerary, starting with accommodation choices, perhaps a luxurious Hartbeespoort resort or Hartbeespoort hotel or if that is not really what you are looking for then something a bit more private with a well appointed self catering chalet in the Hartbeespoort valley, maybe even near the Magaliesberg mountain.

The next step in the romantic itinerary plan is arranging some really great activities, starting with a nice and invigorating hike through the Hartbeespoort nature valley or visiting one of the many nature parks scattered through out the area. a romantic Hartbeespoort boat cruise can either be followed or precede a romantic meal at one of the many fine Hartbeespoort dam restaurants on the area. This is usually something that most couples plan for the evening portion of a romantic day but you can do the Hartbeespoort boat cruise in the day as well, there is plenty to see and the cruise is very fascinating. Hot air ballooning Hartbeespoort dam style is one of the best and most exciting ways to see the area.

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