Local jewellery stores have presently been replaced by internet online market platforms. And that’s good news for all buyers, because of high competition, which makes prices go lower and lower. Now, anyone can afford buying luxury items, such as designer watches, and save thousands of pounds, especially with pre-owned items. The main concern is to learn how to close safe and legal deals. Here are a few hints.  


Designer watches are basically watches created by fashion designers. They don’t normally have a tradition in creating watches, because their main concern is to make visually attractive tickers. But, most professional designers who wanted to add irreproachable accuracy and flawless mechanics to their splendid designed products, have hired the best renowned horologists to manage this function. Therefore, designer watches combine aesthetic values with mechanical ones and the results are indeed impressive.


The local store will never practice the amazing discounts you can find with online dealers. Of course, the safest place to buy authentic Omega watches, or any other makes you may prefer, is indeed the local jewellery shop. But if you follow a few important steps you will know how to detect and avoid scams. Although, you may feel lucky to be able to purchase pre-owned Cartier watches for less than two thousand pounds, it would be such a shame to ultimately realise it’s not a genuine product.


The fastest method you can use for obtaining information about the authenticity of designer watches is to simply call the seller and as him bluntly. If he or she avoids offering you a straight answer and you’re still suspicious about it, don’t waste time and check the next company. If you want to go further with your investigation, than you can ask about the serial code and the manufacturer. If you address directly to the manufacturer you should be able to receive a clear response. You can also inquire about certain features authentic Omega watches and other brands have. If you receive hesitating answers, and you have mixed feelings about it, try the next ones.


The methods of payment can tell you a lot about the safety and legitimacy of the entire deal. Illegal sellers always avoid working with credit cards, because most of them protect their clients from fraud, and this way they can get spotted as law breakers. Ask about warranty and other terms and conditions. Even with used Omega watches you should be given at least one year warranty. It’s not advisable to close a deal without receiving a warranty at all. Most of the times this is a clear sign of scam. Any pre-owned timepiece should be ensured to function for about one more year at least.

Considering all that you can feel free to browse through eBay offers and hunt rare treasures. Remember that every seller on eBay has a profile and you can check previous customers’ feedback. If anything illegal happened related to his name or his/her company’s name it should appear in that section. So, have fun while making your selection and be a smart buyer.



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