Everyone knows what a stretch limo looks like - it starts and then it doesn't seem to end. Now if people outside the limo get wowed by the look of it, think what the people inside would be going through in this majestic vehicle. For those who want to travel in ultimate style and want to establish their status, all they need to do is reserve stretch limousine. A stretch limousine can be booked for various purposes other than just creating an impact. A stretch wedding limousine, for instance, makes sure that the couple inside has a memorable wedding experience. Needless to say, the guests are more than wowed.


No day is perhaps more special than someone's wedding day. This is the day when a couple can afford to be on top of the world and everyone around them also try to ensure that the couple has the best day in their life. There is plenty of planning that goes into any wedding and one of the important items on the agenda is the transportation arrangement. People go out of their way to arrive in style - in choppers and chartered flights and yachts and what not. But mostly people travel to their wedding venues on road and for this, a stretch wedding limousine is a fantastic idea. You reserve stretch limousine and the impact will even be greater.

SLA or Starlight Luxury Transportation Association is one of the best limo services in the country and it operates nationwide, on a local level, all over USA.


There are a few points you should always keep in mind related to a wedding limousine.


Point 1 — If there is a theme for your wedding (there usually is), then the limo should also be decked in a manner that it complements the theme. Even the chauffeur should be attired in livery that matches the theme of your wedding. Starlight Luxury Transport Association provides help in this direction too. With StarBook, you can book amazing, very talented people to entertain you while driving to the event. You just need to make sure you all fit in the party bus of limo. You can choose a musician, a singer, a comedian or a hypnotist to entertain you on your way to the venue. The StarBook directory is ready for you to use easily, anywhere you may be located in USA.


Point 2 —When you book a limo for your wedding, entertainment arrangements can be done inside the limo to keep you engaged through the journey. You will be stressed and tensed as you make the journey to the wedding venue and some entertainment is not a bad idea at all.


Point 3 — If there are any other special arrangements that you need inside the limo, you should get that clarified when you reserve stretch limousine. If the party is too big, you won’t have room in the limo. You need to make sure you have the right size of the limo for your entertainment. Try booking the new beauties from Starlight: the 14 passenger Wedding Limousine or the 19 passenger Super Stretch SUV Limo. Or rent more, smaller ones.


Moreover, even if you don’t arrange for a limo for your nearest relatives, make sure you arrange for special vehicles for them. The parents of the couple (who are getting wedded) and the bridesmaids should also arrive in style — obviously not in as much style as the wedding couple, but still…


When you need to reserve stretch limousine, an important element is to choose the right rental agency. SLA (Starlight Luxury Transportation Association) is one of the premier providers of wedding limousine and has a countrywide presence. You can also arrange for party buses for your guests from the same agency and they are going to have a super time traveling to the wedding venue.


Reserve stretch limousine from SLA and make your wedding a special event. Your wedding limousine will ensure that everyone remembers the day for months and years. The rest of the good memories is ensured by the entertainment that you hired through StarBook or the food and beverage catering the SLA can have ready for you. Remember that Starlight can help with all the planning and services: photography, videography, DJs and music.

A wedding limousine is a must-have for your intended and you. Reserve stretch limousine from a reliable agency and make a mark.