January 22, 2013 – Philadelphia, PA — Stephanie Davis, a freelance publicist in the music industry and the owner of Black Rose Entertainment and Still Beauty PR recently, reached out to alleged Atlantic Records distribution artist Jessi James (alleged real name James Bell) who was promoting an Indie Artist Tour called “Major Labels must Die Tour” on Craigslist through an Indie label called Big Paper Entertainment, which he allegedly owns out of Miami, Florida. After paying for a large number of slots, Stephanie discovered Jessi has been advertising for tour slots that dont exist, and accepting payments through paypal from the email address [email protected] He is sending for indie artists in other states to come record with people he may not be connected with as well as leaving them stranded without a place to go once they arrive in Atlanta. When they contact him he says he is out of the state and sends them on a wild goose chase to addresses that are abandoned (example: 121 Old Mill Road, Cartersville Ga 30120 is the address Stephanie was told to have her artist take a taxi to. Once there, the address was actually an old power plant, not a house at all.) He also has disconnected current telephone numbers and has been reconnecting them to different area codes. The most recent Google Voice number is an Alabama number listed as 205-259-8923.

He has an alleged accomplice by the name of “Cicely” who poses as his manager, pretending to pick up clients/ artists then very conveniently gets “fired” yet still tries to collect monies from potential victims of their fraudulent scheme. This woman also stated her name was “Stephanie” when asked who she was, only AFTER Stephanie had an artist and her assistant contact her pretending to be interested in obtaining a tour slot, furthering their quest of deception and fraud. Stephanie was set to take on Jessi James as a PR client January 19th as per his persistent request and per contract signing. Stephanie Davis is an honest hardworking business owner and would never take anyone’s money under false pretense. Her reputation is unprecedented. Stephanie is currently in the process of taking legal action against Jessi Bell aka Jessi James and his accomplice who have been antagonizing and harassing her since she has uncovered their scheme. This is a release to warn the public, artists, and record labels about what they are doing.

For more information, Stephanie can be reached for comment/interviews at the phone number and email address below.

Contact Person: Stephanie Davis
Company Name: Black Rose Ent/ Still Beauty PR
Telephone Number: (570)328-1019
Email Address: [email protected]
Web site address: www.blackroseent.com