Looking for the most spectacular walking holidays in the South West? Then, you should definitely try at least a couple of the South West coast to coast walking holidays. From circuits such as The Dartmoor Way, the Two Moors Way or the Saints Way, you have plenty of great choices at hand. All there is left to do now is learn more on each circuit main attractions and book the package! Invite your friends and take also golf courses! Enjoy the perfect holiday today!

One of the most popular routes for unique walking holidays in the South West is definitely the Two Moors way. Challenging and spectacular at the same time, this circuit is definitely one of the most spectacular South West coast to coast walking holidays! According to locals, you have the possibility to explore a beautiful landscape! Not to mention that it’s also very convenient from a financial point of view.

By choosing the Two Moors way you can visit Lynmouth, also named the ‘heaven for famous paintings’. The circuit of one of the most beautiful South West coast to coast walking holidays continues with Withypool and then with Knowstone. If you want to enjoy the beautiful view than you should take more time and visit Black Dog. Other unique sightseeing places are Morchard Bishop, Witherage, Castle Drogo or Chagford.

However, the list of amazing South West coast to coast walking holidays doesn’t stop here. Other popular, very interesting and spectacular circuits are The Saints Way and The Dartmoor Way. From a lively market town to romantic architectural treats, from a rich wildlife to spectacular landscapes, these walking holidays in the South West have all the elements needed for a perfect holiday!

The good news is that it’s not all about the natural location but also about accommodation. Regardless which of the walking holidays in the South West you choose in the end, you will benefit from impeccable accommodation. As for the prices, you should know that walking holidays are definitely more convenient than many other holiday ideas.

Take, for instance, the Saints Way. A 2 days walk of 20 miles will cost you only £190 while for a Two Moor Way walking holiday of 7 days you will spend only £725. Not to mention that you can benefit from discounts, special prices or early booking promotions. The truth is that they make their best in providing you with the lowest prices possible.

So, don’t start looking for flight tickets and instead choose a trekking holiday on the South West coast! It’s relaxing, stress free, cheap, easy to plan and very dynamic…it’s a holiday that will benefit you 100%! Book your accommodation today!

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