The last I0-15 years are characterized by the introduction of the sports practice of the vast number of pharmacological agents used to increase the overall goal of general and special physical performance of athletes and accelerate recovery.

Sports pharmacology as a branch of Sports Medicine is now fully developed and rapidly developing field of so-called “healthy human pharmacology”, whose objectives is to correct the functional state of a healthy man in a complicated (extreme operating conditions. It is about the use of drugs, overfly the body tolerance to factors such as heat and cold, working in the highlands and in the depths of the ocean, specialized activity astronaut, pilot or air traffic controller, fasting, exercise, etc.

Sports pharmacology studies of drugs especially when administered healthy men trained in physical activity. The fact that the effects and characteristics of a huge number used in sports medicine, drugs are very different from the well-known in clinical pharmacology, designed for the sick person (especially not in situations of intense muscular activity). The principles and the achievement of ‘normal’ pharmacy may not be so mechanically transferred to the athletes, even when using their “regular” medicine from the pharmacy. Focus on the widespread use of drugs to facilitate the exercise tolerance and increasing, thus the health and sport performance – characterizes the present time, all levels of sports, and even athletic activities.

However, the sound of biomedical products rational use of medicines (not belonging to a group of dope and do not cause injury to an athlete) extends the functionality of the healthy human body, opens up new frontiers of sporting achievements in various sports and allows you to refine the methodology of the training process. This is justified on ethical and medical products, the pharmacological provision of sporting activities can, along with pedagogical, psychological, social attitudes become an important element of the overall system effects on the body’s adaptation to the maximum physical exertion.

The value of judicious use of pharmacological agents by athletes, especially in the sport of high achievements in the past two decades have led to suschetstvu physiological features of the body to the ultimate level. Under these conditions, further progress in a number of sporting disciplines requires additional resources to facilitate expansion of the limits of adaptation to stress. It is only to emphasize the complete subordination of the pharmacologic support of athletes – the solution of educational problems, that is providing valuable training programs and competitive activities.

The authors are aware that interest in the organization of the pharmacological support of the highest achievements in the sport (ie, highly skilled athletes – ranging from master-level sport and above), there is, in large part, on the part of athletes than high qualifications, representatives of sports, generally wide range of fans of sports and physical culture. General principles and achievements of sports pharmacology, designed, of course, especially for highly qualified athletes apply, however, for all cases of healthy human adaptation to high-volume and intense physical activity.

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