China - What is the one click cleaner? Recently, the one clicker cleaner from famous related products online seller fiber optic cleaning has been hot sold by them. Why most of their consumer prefers to choose this kind of cleaning tool. Now, the editor from this online platform will introduce with people the features of this device.

In general, the One Click Cleaner is one kind of easy-operated device for cleaning all of these connectors in adapters and other equipments. The using method of this tool is also very easy. People could simply insert the fiber optic cleaning into the connector hold of adapter and then push it until the sound “click” is heard.

The principle of this fiber optic cleaner is that the operator uses the mechanical push action to push the high purity grade cleaning tape while the cleaning tip is rotated to ensure the surface of the fiber end could be cleaned by very effectively and easily way. This sound very amazing!

The kind of fiber optic cleaning device should be necessary part of each professional technician and engineer in this field. The small size of this device let everyone easily put them into a shirt pocket and this should be very useful tool in the cleaning kits. 

The main features of these cleaning devices could be concluded into following factors. First, the comfortable shape and design of this device could let people clean the connector with single action. The second point is the precise mechanical action delivers consistent cleaning results. Thirdly, this device has effective cleaning effect for a variety of contaminates which include the commonly dust and oil stains. Fourthly, the cleaning head of this tool could be automatically changed and this should be very convenient for each cleaner. On the other hand, the cost for each time of cleaning is very low. In addition to these features, there are also many other good characteristics for this one click cleaner.

The applications of this device could be mainly concluded into two points. First, it could be sued for cleaning connectors on jumpers and many kinds of adapters. Second, it could also be cleaned a wide variety of connector types such as LC and MU.

However, only adopting the one click cleaner is not enough and there are also many other sorts of cleaning equipments. If people want to know about other sorts of related devices, please do not hesitate to visit the website from the following information

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