America - Fiber optic cleaner is one kind of tool which use special non-alcoholic materials and could be adopted to clean communication system such as SC, FC, ST, LC and other fiber optic connectors. When people use the fiber optic to clean the optic connector, they do not need to use the alcohol and they can easily remove dirt, oil and debris on the end of the surface of these optic connectors. As the introduction of sales manager from famous online fiber optic cleaner seller, in order to facilitate the operation and using for these devices, the basic design of this product has been made into the pen appearance.

This kind of device could be available for cleaning two ends of connectors and flange. The characteristics of the fiber optic cleaner from famous online seller Fiber Optic Cleanings could be concluded into the following factors.

The first point is the easy operation. People could finish all processes of operation by only one touching. Each operator could totally forget the traditional complicated cleaning method.

The second point is the longer service life. Generally speaking, this kind of fiber optic cleaner could be sued for more than 800 times of cleaning.

Thirdly, the anti-static body designation should be another characteristic of the fiber optic cleaning . This feature could help to ensure the connector should not be affected by secondary dust pollution. This feature is very crucial factor to confirm whether the related products own high quality or not.

Fourthly, the effect of cleaning water and grease of the fiber optic cleaner is better than that of traditional cotton swab stick. Only few time of cleaning could help people eliminate all worry about these dirties.

Fifthly, the special designation and outside shape of this device could help to easy to clean the surface of connectors, flanges and fixed module end.

Sixth, the length of cleaning head of this kind of fiber optic cleaner is scalable and this feature help each operator easily clean two end of the connector.

At last, the easy using and portable features should be another crucial characteristic of this small device . However, this high purity device should be placed into a cleaning environment or it will affect the cleaning effect of next time.

All above seven characteristics are main description about the fiber optic cleaner from this famous online supplier. For more information, please visit website by the following information.

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