I found Magnetic Sponsoring years ago back in 2007 when I first started my MLM journey. I was like many before me who had almost quit but by chance found success by accident. I did exactly what my upline leaders told me to. Which was making a warm market list,buying leads, and to keep doing it until I signed someone up. If you were like me you can imagine nothing was working and I was in need of a solution soon. One night I was online researching tools to build my business online and I came across a Google Adwords ad targeting my company. The image of the ad and the exact words of the ad are still clear in my mind so vividly. So I of course with my desperation at the time clicked on the ad and bought the course instantly. Mike Dillard is a master copywriter and he wrote an ad that had my pulling out; my credit card. Do you ever come across something that makes sense and gives you a tiny sparkle of hope? Well this is the feeling I got when I started reading Mike's ebook and I knew this was my answer to building my business online.

I cannot express the value that MS offers in this article posting and I highly recommend shelling out the measly $30 to buy it. It's like the saying goes you have to see for yourself. Magnetic sponsoring has been around awhile and it might seem outdated, but it's basic knowledge of attraction marketing is essential. If your a member of MLSP, you know that MS is the first course they recommend you buy because it covers the basics of attraction marketing. MLSP and other attraction marketing systems would not exist if it weren't for MS. It is the bible or handbook for attraction marketing. I encourage you to study the concepts taught in the MS handbook if your serious about building a MLM business online. It will give you the basics and background of how to market a MLM business the right way online. I can realistically say that if it weren't for this ebook, that I would not be writing this blog post. I probably would of quit MLM years ago and been another victim. If your tired of doing things that don't work and want to breathe new life into your business by creating something of value,

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